VSE 3.1 Repository Problem: Please help (please please?) 
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 VSE 3.1 Repository Problem: Please help (please please?)

Dear all expert Smalltalk users,

I would like to ask if anyone use VSE 3.1 before.  I'm trying to set
up repository access for our development team.  The repository
directory is going to be on one Novell drive.  I've two questions to

1) According to the manual, I've to first create a master
configuration files, create an image that point to this file.  Also,
I've to do RepositoryService current embedAccess:'access.db', (hope I
remember the message right), save the image and then copy the v.exe to
all developers.  This way each will have their own rights when working
with our central packages.  However, this doesn't seems working.  I've
save the image, get it to the user, run the image and VSE complains
that DLL not embedded. Anyone knows why?

2) What should be my correct Novell access to the repository directory
on the network drive?  (R, W?)  If someone don't have write access,
can he still update the repository?

Please help.  I've been reading the manuals for days and still
couldn't get it right.  Thanks a lot.


Sun, 19 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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