C++/Views: A Model-View-Controller Library for C++ 
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 C++/Views: A Model-View-Controller Library for C++

Has anyone used C++/Views under C++?  Any suggestions?  Comments?
Gripes?  I am planning to use it to "convert" a Smalltalk prototype
into a C++ program.

Thank you!
- Nicole


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Thu, 15 Jun 1995 00:31:52 GMT  
 C++/Views: A Model-View-Controller Library for C++

i've worked with it for some prototyping projects.  the company i was with
at the time was a beta site for C++/Views.

i rather liked their browser and documentation tools, and it looked like
the M-V-C setup would allow a reasonably simple port from smalltalk.


Sat, 17 Jun 1995 01:51:05 GMT  
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