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 [GFST] GF/ST Parts?


> Maybe someone with GF/ST and WindowBuilder/Pro for VA would like to
> make one?  According to a recent posting from Eric Clayberg, it is
> trivial :-).

Hmmm. I don't think that my recent post stated or implied that at all.
;-)  What I did say was:

>Any WBPro-built window may be converted into a full fledged VA part via
>defining an appropriate public interface to it. When loaded into a VA
>image, the WBPro menu bar has an additional "VisualAge" menu. This menu
>has three items - "Attributes", "Actions" and "Events" - that allow you
>to specify the external, public VA interface for the window. When you
>drop an instance of the window into the Composition Editor you can hook
>it any other native VA part using standard VA techniques. A WBPro-built
>window part is an indivisible entity much like a file dialog part would
>be. Double-clicking on the part launches WBPro on the part as its
>attribute editor. The integration between the two is pretty seamless.

I don't think that the above process would satisfy what you are trying
to do. Presumably, you want to create a visual component that can be
placed within a VisualAge window, not create a stand-alone window that
could then be used with other VA parts. With WBPro you could certainly
create a window containing a GFOwnDCDrawingPane widget and then convert
then *entire* window into a part. In the Composition Editor, it would
then appear as a single indivisible object like a file dialog part. I am
guessing that this is not what you had in mind.

-Eric Clayberg

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Tue, 21 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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