!!!Invitation to New York Smalltalk User Group activities!!! 
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 !!!Invitation to New York Smalltalk User Group activities!!!


You are cordially invited to the next monthly meeting of NYSUG,
the New York Smalltalk Users Group.

WHEN:   Thursday, March 21 from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

WHERE:  The IBM Building, 590 Madison Ave.  - 6th Floor (57th Street)

WHO:    Jeff Sutherland

WHAT:   Business Object Infrastructures and Component technology .

Jeff writes:

    "My talk will be a presentation of my Business Object Architecture paper
    which can be found on the Web at:

    "This is being updated to incorporate the impact of the Internet and will
    be the first hour of my tutorial at Object World in Boston and London
    this spring."

We request a voluntary contribution of $3 at the door to cover expenses.

    Monthly meeting:  March 14th at Raju's from 6:30 - 8:30.  For further

-March 4-7, 1996
    'Smalltalk Solutions' 96 March 4-7, 1996.
    SIGS conferences will be presenting Smalltalk Solutions '96, the only
    vendor-neutral gather of the Smalltalk community at the Marriott Marquis
    in midtown Manhattan on March 4-7.  Classes run Monday through Thursday.
    Exhibition is open to the public Tuesday and Wednesday from 12-6 pm.
    Free passes are available for anyone who chooses to attend the exhibits.
    Sponsored by the Smalltalk Report.  For more information, please contact
    Jeffrey Wainhause (SIGS) at 212.242.7447 ext. 158.

-March 4th & 5th, 1996, as part of SS '96 conference:
        (Both meetings will be held at the conference in the Lyceum Complex,
            5th floor at the Marriott Marquis)
    Monday, March 4, 6:30-8:30pm.
        Special meeting with Jan Steinman and Barbara Yates from
        Bytesmiths talking on Team Smalltalk Development Issues.
    Tuesday, March 5, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.  
        Panel discussion: "Team Development in Smalltalk".  Panel members
        will include Darrow Kirkpatrick (Haesteds Methods) , Eric Gold
        (Bankers Trust), and Ed Majorossy (FTI) with Jeffrey Axelrod (Axis,
        Inc.) moderating.

-April 1996 NYSUG meeting - Thursday, April 18th.
    Andrew Gerngross will discuss Smalltalk and the Future of Object

-May 1996 NYSUG meeting - Thursday, May 16th.
    Stan Silverman (Software Quicker) will present Object
        Modules:  Representing Subsystems In Both Design and Code.

Our regular meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of every month.  Call the
NYPC Hotline at 212.533.NYPC (6972) access code SUG (784) for meeting
information and updates

For more information please contact Ted McKnight at CIS:75200.2765 or by
phone at 212.745.3922.

For presentations contact Jeffrey Axelrod at CIS:72760.1547.

Check out our new home page at http://www.*-*-*.com/

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