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 Question about reading files

I have an ST/V 16-bit app which reads (potentially very large) files over
and over and displays their contents graphically.  I read the file with
code like...

        line := fileStream nextLine.

and then break the line up into fields (the records are tab separated).  I've
got the breakup process pretty efficient by storing indexes to the beginning
and end of each field with a method that returns a string extracted from
"line" using the indexes.

Is there a way to read from a stream into an existing string so that I don't
have to create "line" each time?  Of course I don't know that creating the
String "line" is taking all that much time, but when I compare just reading
the file (line := fileStream nextLine) vs just copying the file using DOS
there is a big difference.  So I assume one of the problems is the allocation
of "line."

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