Graphical Image Widget needed for VisualWorks 
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 Graphical Image Widget needed for VisualWorks

I am a new user of Parc Place VisualWorks and am seeking some assistance.
We have a color scanner from apple and would like to incorporate
some of the pictures we scan into our Smalltalk software.

I want to make a graphical image widget to add to a palette.  When
placing the graphical image widget on a canvas, the creator of
the canvas would be able to specify a file name which contains a
graphical picture he/she wants to have displayed on the canvas.  

The ObjectWorks and VisualWorks manuals discuss how to get an image
from the user (by "grabbing" it and placing into the clipboard) but
I can find no discussion on how to get a graphic image from a file.  

I thank you in advance for any help you can give with this problem.

| Kris Schroeder

| AI/KBS Lab, Michigan State University

Tue, 07 Nov 1995 01:17:31 GMT  
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