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 Learn Spanish in Spain

Dear friends:

The Colegio Unamuno is one school of Spanish who offer courses of
immersion for foreigners in Salamanca and Santander.

It offers a lot of activities to ours students.

The Colegio Unamuno is a prestigious organization of education of
Spanish, credited by the quality certificate CEELE, that develops its
educative activity with more than 15 years of experience.

It offers to the students courses of Spanish for foreigners.
You can choose according to your level and your interests between 14
courses different of Spanish.

The Colegio Unamuno helps you to learn Spanish and to know plus the
culture of Spain, by means of courses from Spanish cooking courses,
dances, and excursions to Spanish cities, as well as to beautiful
natural places.
Every Monday you can begin to learn Spanish in Salamanca or Santander.
GO to Spain.

Our Web:

You will found information of the courses, the transport, the
lodgings, the activities and information of the customs and culture of
Spain gastronomy (typical recipes), Literature, Spanish
language,spanish resources (lessons and tools)
jokes and phrases, celebrations, etc.

Sun, 28 Aug 2005 18:42:00 GMT  
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