Open generated HTML in browser (was - Generate HTML in GUI app) 
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 Open generated HTML in browser (was - Generate HTML in GUI app)

Peter Kraaijenoord heeft geschreven in bericht



>Now i have to open the file/stream in the Netscape browser, any
>Launging an external application must have been done before by some of you.
>I couldn't find it in the Developer's Guide's.

Thanks to Ed S. who pointed me to the SystemSupport classes

Win95SystemSupport CreateProcess: nil arguments: 'c:\program
d:\programs\vwnc5i\bin\MyApplication.htm'. did the job.

Sometimes it is so simple, but if you cannot find (fast enough) what your
looking for.... Anyway, i've learned a lot, the more i practise with
VWNC5i :)

thanks to all who replied

Peter Kraaijenoord

Mon, 13 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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