US-MA: VSE/VA - Tired of being managed? 
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 US-MA: VSE/VA - Tired of being managed?

                     TIRED OF BEING MANAGED?

Managers mean well, but they can be...well...difficult to live with.  At Psyche
Systems we have no managers.  Our company is composed ONLY of self-directed
teams.  Here ability counts, not rank.

Located in beautiful Wellesley, Massachusetts, a 2 minute walk from the
commuter rail stop and convenient to the Mass Pike and Route 128, Psyche
Systems Corporation is a leader in laboratory information systems.  (Have a
look at our web site at

Your job will be development in Smalltalk of interfaces between our anatomic
pathology product and other  information systems.  You'll need to be an expert
in either Visual Smalltalk Enterprise or Visual Age.  Knowledge of MS SQL
Server or a similar database would be very helpful.  Experience with
interfacing is not essential.

From the day you start your job, you'll be needed and respected.'s like no other company you've ever worked for.

Contact Information:

phone: 781.237.9500 x309
fax: 781.237.6932

   Personnel Group
   Psyche Systems Corporation
   10 Laurel Avenue
   Wellesley, MA 02481

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