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 Announcement of New Textbook

To the Objectworks\Smalltalk-80 R4 Community

I have recently completed a textbook entitled "Object-Oriented
Engineering" that may be of interest to some of you who have been
asking about textbooks that are available. The book is available

Customer Service
188 Ridge Road
Homewood, IL 60430

Object-Oriented Engineering
ISBN 0-256-11210
Irwin Book Code: 19-3765-01

If any of you want a brochure, I'll ask the publisher to put you
on the mailing list.

Information about the book follows:

OBJECT-ORIENTED ENGINEERING: Building Engineering Systems Using  
Smalltalk-80, is specifically designed as an introductory
textbook  for teaching students and professionals the means of
constructing  practical engineering systems using Smalltalk-80.
Basic  concepts  and techniques for analysis and design are
presented and supplemented  with numerous practical examples
drawn from a wide variety of  engineering disciplines.  After
completing the text the reader should  have sufficient knowledge
of object-oriented methodology to create  real, working
engineering systems based on the techniques described  in print
and implemented in class.


The material in this text has been taught to both undergraduate
and  graduate students in electrical engineering, mechanical
engineering,  civil engineering, chemical engineering, and
biomedical engineering.   (The running example in the text
involves a simple digital circuit  that is readily understandable
by all engineering disciplines.)
Content Organization

The text is divided into three sections: Concepts, Tools; and
Applications in Engineering (specific chapters where material
appears  are designated below)


Examples of systems built in several different engineering fields
(Chapter 1); basic principles of object-oriented programming (2);
description of object-oriented analysis and design (3; 4).


Description of object-oriented languages (5); introduction to the
Smalltalk-80 environment (6;7;8).

Applications in Engineering

Relating object-oriented methodolgies to engineering practice
(9);  constraint methods (10); representing and using engineering
knowledge  (11); integrating object-based environments with the
real world (12);  building an engineering system; and example
drawing on the content of  previous chapters (13); creating
systems for engineering simulation  (14); conclusions and future
trends (15).

Outstanding Features

Mastery of this text will enable the student to:

*       create practical object-based systems in engineering
*       learn practical object-oriented programming using ST-80,
          the most robust object-oriented programming environment
          on the market.

*       learn a proven rapid prototyping methodology

*       acquire programming skill in the Objectwork/Smalltalk  
environment (Release 4) (available from ParcPlace Systems via  
site  license)

*       approach the solving of engineering problems in a new way

*       learn about graphical user environments (GUIs)

Supporting Material.

Instructor's Manual: provides guidance in establishing a course
centered around the text; solutions to exercise in the text as
well  as code both appearing in the text and code available for
creating  projects; and transparency masters of the figures and
tables in the  text.

Diskette: (packaged with the Instructor's Manual): containing
sets  of Smalltalk code.

Objectworks\Smalltalk Manual: (provide free by ParcPLace with
both site and individual licenses.  Copies for students can be
duplicated locally in the quantities needed when site licenses

Mon, 11 Jul 1994 03:37:10 GMT  
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