UK and Europe Visualage Dev's for California jobs 
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 UK and Europe Visualage Dev's for California jobs

Are you looking for a job in the sunshine?

Relocation package available which includes Airfares, one month corporate
accommodation, one month car hire, full medical and dental cover, visa
costs, sponsorship for 'Green Card'

Title: Smalltalk Developer  $75,000 - $80,000 NEED 2-3

Required Skills
* OO analyses
* OO design
* OO development
* SmallTalk programming using IBM VisualAge 4.02 or 4.5
* Use case documentation
* Object model documentation
* Application troubleshooting

Other Skills
* Programming with IBMs new Persistency Framework, Object Extender
* Envy Mentor
* Rational Rose
* QA testing of the application
* Documentation
* User interface
* WEB enable and report generation for Internet and Intranet use

* A minimum of 2 years experience in business related applications
development utilizing SmallTalk within a client server environment with
databases, preferably Oracle Rdb under OpenVMS on Vax and Alpha machines.
* Should have superior understanding of relational database systems, their
design, implementation and analysis; database program development in the C
language utilizing embedded and dynamic SQL.

Job Location: Woodland Hills, Southern California

Send cv/resume to

Tony Quigley
Strategic Recruitment Solutions Ltd
Fax: +44-113-250-1553

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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