Improved debugging - breakpoint & watchpoints 
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 Improved debugging - breakpoint & watchpoints


If you are interested in a powerful debug package for VisualWorks, that
also supports ENVY/Developer, then read on.

The package provides breakpoints and watchpoints that don't affect your
source code.  Additionally, they don't affect your changes file or the
ENVY/Developer library and they don't require an ENVY scratch edition.
Both breakpoints and watchpoints also have special debug variables and
conditional expressions.

In addition to breakpoints and watchpoints, enhancements have been made
to the de{*filter*} and browser.

The package is called the "Smalltalk Professional Debug Package" from
Crafted Smalltalk.  It supports ObjectShare's Visualworks, versions 2.5.x
and 3.0, and Object Technology International's ENVY/Developer, versions
3.01 and 4.00.

Product summary

-Breakpoints and watchpoints that don't affect the source code or log file,
-ENVY/Developer scratch edition is not required for breakpoints or
-Method and class breakpoints and watchpoints,
-Class breakpoints and watchpoints for variable reference and message
-Management of watch windows,
-De{*filter*} skip-to-caret into and out of blocks,
-De{*filter*} temporary breakpoints and watchpoints,
-Insertion of breakpoints and watchpoints in the de{*filter*} do not restart
 the method,
-Several more de{*filter*} improvements,
-User modifiable software probes,
-Synchronized Browser and De{*filter*} code view,
-Inspector commands to copy, compare, and paste objects.

It is my intent that these enhancements improve the productivity of the
smalltalk programmer.

The cost is $149.00 US + S&H for VW, and $249.00 US + S&H for ENVY/Developer.
The package is delivered on a DOS formatted floppy and includes a printed

For further information, see web page at < http://www.*-*-*.com/ >,
or send email to

or call (401) 846-6573.

Terry Raymond       Smalltalk Professional Debug Package
Crafted Smalltalk   *Breakpoints* and *Watchpoints* for
19 Tilley Ave.                  VW and ENVY/Developer
Newport, RI  02840


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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