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                            SIGS Conferences


                          The Smalltalk Report

                            The First Annual


                           Omni Park Central
                          February 21-24, 1995

                           Conference Chair:
                          John Pugh, President
                           The Object People

Focusing on the practical application of Smalltalk in all its dialects,
Smalltalk Solutions '95 is the center for meeting and mingling with
Smalltalk's best and brightest, for trading ideas with colleagues, and
for staying up-to-date on the latest object technology tools and

The technical program for Smalltalk Solutions '95 has been carefully
designed by our Conference Chair, John Pugh, editor of The Smalltalk
Report.  He's recruited experienced and well-respected Smalltalk
innovators and best-selling book authors at the forefront of technology,
offering unparalleled Smalltalk Training.

Partial list of Smalltalk Solutions '95 Exhibitors:
               *Easel Corp.
               *Knowledge Systems Corp.
               *Mark Winter & Assoc.
                Morgan, Parker & Johnson
                Object Design, Inc.
                Object Magazine
               *The Object People
                Objectshare Systems
                Servio Corp.
                SIGS Books
                The Smalltalk Report
                VC Software Construction
                The X Journal

        *-Offering Product Education Sessions

Keynote Presenters:
                Dave Thomas of Object Technology
                Thomas Atwood of Object Design
                Ray Wells of IBM

Walk-in Clinics:
                Meet for one-on-one discussions with our conference
                speakers and leading Smalltalk book authors at these
                private, informal sessions held on the exhibit floor.

"Birds-of-a-Feather" Sessions:
                Take advantage of these informal sessions to meet
                with a group of your peers who share a common goal
                or challenge, for a stimulating, thought-provoking
                roundtable discussion.


The full day Pre-Conference Tutorials include:

Discovering Smalltalk                   John Pugh

Implementing Custom
Graphical Views                         Bobby Woolf & Kyle Brown

Mastering Responsibilty-
Driven Design                           Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Object-Oriented Project
Management Strategies                   Kenny Rubin


The three-day conference will feature the following classes:

Writing High-Performance
Smalltalk Programs                      Kent Beck

Designing Responsible
Objects Using Stereotypes               Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

What Really Happens When
You Adopt Smalltalk?                    Ken Auer

Smalltalk in the Large:
Scaling Up Without Losing
the Benefits                            Jan Steinman & Barbara Yates

Designing With Patterns                 Kent Beck

Using Smalltalk and teams:
A Synergistic Solutions                 Jeff McKenna

Coding for Reuse                        Juanita Ewing

How Does Smalltalk Really
Scale?                                  Moderator: Ken Auer

The Insiders' Guide to the
Smalltalk Standards Initiative          Yen-Ping Shan & Rick DeNatale

Application of Meta-Level
Programming                             Wilf Lalonde

Designing and Building
Distributed Solutions                   Jeff Eastman            

Smalltalk Object Persistence
in Heterogeneous Database
Environments                            Glenn Reid

Metrics for Smalltalk                   Mark Lorenz

Building a Cost Efficient
Client/Server Architecture
Using Smalltalk                         Amarjeet Garewal

Setting Up a Smalltalk Shop             Moderator: Paul White

Visual Programming Techniques           Martin Nally

Techniques for Implementing
Smalltalk in Client/Server
Systems                                 Trevor Hopkins

A Distributed Object
Architecture for Corporate
Information Systems                     Jeff Sutherland  


A Corporate Case Studies track will also be offered including:

Organizational Impacts
of Advanced Technology                  Douglas Kittelsen

Semiconductor Manufacturing
Process Re-engineering
Using Smalltalk                         John McGehee

Forging Steel Planning
& Problem Resolution                        Mike Baker

Connecting Object Applications
to Relational Databases                 Timo Salo & John Shelton

Modeling Business Objects
for Medical Plans                       Jim Dykas & Allan Kirk

Creating an Auto Parts
Lookup System Using Smalltalk           Richard Goulet & Mark Winter

Building Banking Systems                
With Smalltalk                          Al Woolfrey

Practical Guidlines for
Delivering Product Quality
Smalltalk Applications                  S. Sridhar & Eric Clayberg

Smalltalk Writ Large:
Lessons Learned in Applying
Smalltalk to Large-Scale
Business Systems                        Sam Adams


For additional information on rates, special airline offers, and
hotel arrangements, please contact SIGS Conferences for a complete

        71 West 23rd Street     voice: 212.242.7515
        Third Floor               fax: 212.242.7578

Sat, 28 Jun 1997 23:19:19 GMT  
        Perhaps I should modify my last post to read

        Does anyone have information on when the
        PowerPC version of VW will be released.


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