UTC (GMT) time in VisualAge 
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 UTC (GMT) time in VisualAge

I have posted several previous questions to this group and most have
gotten very fast responses.  This newsgroup is a good resource!

One I'm afraid I must draw on again.  I am writing a multi-threaded
VisualAge app. and wish to return the present time, formatted
"11-Nov-1998 14:15:16".  That I can do.

The catch is that I want the time in the UTC (formerly called GMT, or
Greenwich Mean Time) timezone.  However, the Date and Time classes
stubbornly insist on returning values in the *current* timezone.  What's
more, each formats its time by means of a Formatter class variable.  I
don't want to change that because I might do so just when another thread
is using it.  I could use semaphores but is there an easier way?  

I know that class OSCall has a #setThreadLocale: method.  But is that
supported on all platforms?  I develop on a Win95 box but the production
application runs under AIX.  Is this the right way to set the locale or
should I call another method?

And my confusion only begins there.  Even if I knew what method to call
(and there are lots of methods with "locale" in their names) I still
don't know what to pass to it.  I gather from pawing through source code
that a locale's name is a two-element array, e.g., #( 'english',
'britain').  Well, Greenwich is there so I suppose that's what I should
pass.  But I'm only guessing.

Does anyone have some insight into VisualAge timezone manipulation?  I
could solve the problem by moving to England but I'd miss the Southern
California sun.  :-)

James M. Stern                Northrop Grumman Corp.  Hawthorne, CA
Opinions expressed above are not necessarily my employer's.

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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