COM port access II. 
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 COM port access II.


Scott sent me this example (thanks again) posted years ago on

I marked what the problem is:

What is that object?

I haven't found in any pool dictionaries,
and it is not a class.
Is it included in a feature that must be loaded separately?


  Y rc fileDescriptor queueLengthY

 queueLength := ByteArray new: 2.
 fileDescriptor :=  deviceFile fileDescriptor.
 rc :=fileDescriptor dosDevIOCtl: *****IoctlAsync*****
           function: AsyncGetinquecount
        pParams: nil
        cbParmLenMax: 0
        pcbParmLen: nil
        pData: queueLength
        cbDataLenMax: queueLength size
        pcbDataLen: nil.

 (rc = 0) ifFalse: ^AbtError new ).
 ^(OSType fromBytes: queueLength) asInteger




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