CAs and Smalltalk 
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 CAs and Smalltalk


Is there anybody out there, who has got some experiences in
programming 'cellular automata' using Smalltalk-80??

I think Smalltalk (VisualWorks 2.0) is the very best
programming-language refering to:
        * rapid prototyping
        * flexibility  (!!!!! nothing is really impossible!)
        * building user interfaces / building applications
        * object-oriented programming (of course!!)
        * ........

But the main problem is: sometimes it is very slow....
Smalltalk has become faster and faster during the last years,
but not fast enough for some applications.

So, if you have any experiences in programming CAs AND
Smalltalk, tell me........

|               Holger Doernemann               |
| CS-Department - University Dortmund - Germany |


Mon, 23 Jun 1997 20:36:44 GMT  
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