JOB: Smalltalk x 3 - City of London, UK 
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 JOB: Smalltalk x 3 - City of London, UK

We are a private bank in the City of London. One of our divisions is
responsible for low volume, high value investments.  This part of the
business was created in conjunction with a large financial house in South
Africa wherein the Administration System was developed using Visual Works
Smalltalk and a GemStone/S database. Hence the UK Smalltalk Development Team
is currently based near Pretoria in RSA where we continue to gain technical
knowledge and experience of the system. We shall return to the UK to
continue our development duties there from 1st July 2001.

The recent divergence of the UK and RSA systems has lead to the creation of
three open vacancies as set out below.

Candidates are invited to forward their CVs to myself

Remembering to remove the spam blocker first of course.

Please note that at this time no financial assistance can be offered for
relocation purposes and that these are UK based positions. Should we require
potential and / or successful applicants to visit our South African site
such trips will of course be funded by ourselves.

Note also that this is not an agency adverti{*filter*}t, I am the Head of
GemStone/S Development and will be handling all submissions personally.

Many thanks

Mark Somerton

Developer x 2
We require Smalltalk developers dedicated to analysing specifications, then
designing and coding solutions to meet business requirements. The persons
required are solid business solutions developers with good Smalltalk
knowledge and experience of using (though not necessarily developing)
technical systems architectures / frameworks. Persons whose primary interest
is developing solutions to business requirements.

Analysing written specifications and liasing with business and other staff
to clarify issues arising.
Making reasonable estimates of the time required to design and code agreed
business solutions.
Preparing design documentation for the agreed solutions to business
Coding and implementing the agreed solutions.
Maintaining data integrity and a view of overall system impact due to
business solutions.
Assisting business users where questions or problems arise.
Regular reporting to the Head of GemStone/S Development.

One of the developers that we require will have the following additional
Development staff start up and ongoing training.
Overall responsibility for user assistance.
Occassional deputising for the Head of GemStone/S Development.

Skills & Experience
Minimum 2 years regular Smalltalk development of business applications.
Previous experience of Envy source code control.
Ability to effectively communicate with non technical staff.
One developer must also have suitable skills and experience to fulfil the
additional duties as set out above.

Desirable but not essential
In approximate order of priority:
Visual Works Smalltalk.
Some form of financial background, preferably in investment banking or other
unitised business.
Rational Rose.
Jacobsen Use Cases / UML.
Exposure to a Unix operating system.
Has gained a degree or equivalent.

Start Date
From May 2001 onwards.

Developer / GemStone/S DBA
We require a person to maintain our GemStone/S databases and make
architectural enhancements. Duties will include (but not be limited to) the
administration of the GemStone/S databases and the platform upon which they
run (currently Solaris). Where practical the successful applicant's
Smalltalk skills may be put to use in business solutions development. It is
not expected that such a person will normally take part in major or
otherwise mission critical business solution developments, their priorities
being as given below.  Additionally this person will be required to upgrade
our Test and Production systems with new code releases and data migrations
using Envy and Topaz.

Maintain GemStone/S databases, to include garbage collection and clustering.
Maintain Unix user accounts.
Maintain GemStone/S user accounts.
Create fresh development images as necessary.
Run queries for users.
Install GemStone applications on the Sun Solaris machines (e.g. GemConnect).
Automate processes where appropriate.
Recommend and implement database / code optimisations and enhancements.
Recommend and implement architectural enhancements.
Maintain the overall performance standards of the Sun Solaris machines.
Upgrade Test and Production systems with new code releases and data
Regular reporting to the Head of GemStone/S Development.

Skills & Experience
Minimum 1 year GemStone/S management.
Experience of Unix operations related to GemStone/S management.
Previous experience of Envy administration.
Smalltalk experience, particularly architecture development.

Desirable but not essential
In approximate order of priority:
Visual Works Smalltalk.
Sun Solaris experience.
Business solutions development experience
Has gained a degree or equivalent.

Start Date
From June 2001 onwards

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