seeking a job in USA,UK,Canada 
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 seeking a job in USA,UK,Canada


I am a Smalltalk professional from Germany and I want to
work some years in a english-spoken country
like USA, Canada, UK...,
because I want to improve my english and I get to know
another culture.

For the USA, I need a Visa (H1b) and the American Company
must ask the department of labour for a Visa for me.
For the UK, I do not need a Visa, because I am a citizen of the
European Union. I can start in 4 weeks.
For Canada, I need a Visa and the Candian Company must
apply for a Visa for me.

Four years ago, I began with Smalltalk/V for DOS, then continued
with Smalltalk/V for Windows and OS/2. One Year ago I changed
to VisualAge for Smalltalk 2.0/3.0.

My last project was a client/server application with VisualAge
for Smalltalk for the client and unix with a oracle database and c++
for the server side. My part was the conception and programming
of a part from the client in smalltalk.

You can call me at the following numbers.
Please do not forget the time shift.
For example: from New York, you must add 6 hours.
You can call me until 9 p.m.(my time).
    0049 7023 71650    (home)
    0049 711  9672-124 (office)

CV / Resume
Name:                  Michael Sundermann
Address:               Widerholtstr. 77
                       D-73272 Neidlingen

Date of Birth:         20th November 1964, Kirchheim/Teck
Nationality:           german
Family Status:         unmarried

School Education:      1971-1975, Teck-Grundschule Kirchheim/Teck
                       1975-1984, Ludwig-Uhland-Gymnasium Kirchheim/Teck
Military Service:      1984-1985, 15 months military servive in Stetten a.k. Markt

1. Study:              1985-1990, study of computer science, University Stuttgart
   Main interest:      computer science of software and theory of computer science
   Diplomarbeit:       shortest paths in great traffic networks
   Graduate:           Diplom-Informatiker, 10 semester

2. Study:              10/92-3/96, study of administration business
                       (Wirtschaftswissenschaft, Fachrichtung Betriebswirtschaftslehre),
                       FernUniversity Hagen
                       (in my freetime beside work of 40 hours per week)
   Main interest:      finance management, banks and exchanges
   Diplomarbeit:       development of an A*-algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem
   Graduate:           Diplom-Kaufmann, 7 semester

Employment:            1986-today,  software-developer  by  Klein+Stekl  GmbH  in  Stuttgart  (until
                       6/1992 free employee). Klein+Stekl is a software consulting company with 15
                       co-workers developing software-solutions for swiss banks.
   Main interests:     Development business software (postcalculation and accountingsystem)
                       Development of company models for banks
                       Development of software for banks, range securities and portfolio management
                       (Client/Server-applikations with Smalltalk and C++ for Windows 3.1, OS/2,
                        MVS and UNIX)

Foreign Languages:     english: reading 2, understanding 2, speaking 3, writing 3
                       (0=mother language,..., 5=knowledges from school)

   Languages:          good experience: Smalltalk (4 years Digitalk Smalltalk/V,
                                                   1 year IBM VisualAge for Smalltalk)
                                        C         (7 years)
                       basic experience: C++
   Computer/OS:        Win3.1, OS/2, Unix
   Software:           Oracle, DB/2

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