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(Thomas M. St

ambaugh) writes:

   A client has asked me to locate some benchmarks we can use to do some
   cross-platform comparisons among the various Smalltalks. I have the old
   Xerox framework, ala the Green book, but I'm looking for some other,
   preferably higher level stuff.

This is probably too low level for you as well, but there are the
SLOPStone and SMOPStone (Smalltalk Low-level and Smalltalk
Medium-level Operation) benchmarking code that went around this
newsgroup about 1 1/2 years ago or so.  I haven't the foggiest idea
who wrote it or where it might be archived, so I'm not much good
there.  The code was used as a basis of comparison between ST/V and
ST80.  Many people submitted their own results after running on
different hardware configurations.  The code was generic between V and
80, so I suspect porting to Visual Age and Enfin shouldn't be too


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