Etsee Soft needs Smalltalk developers (not recruiter) 
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 Etsee Soft needs Smalltalk developers (not recruiter)

First a few preliminaries:
1) WE ARE A DEVELOPMENT SHOP (as opposed to a body shop); while consulting
has been our main stay it is taking 2nd place to product development and
2) If you are not interested but know who is/might, please send this to
3) Interested people can e-mail or fax resumes to my attention.
4) We have and can apply for H1B1 application (we already have 2 labor

Following is our message for recruiting (seen better on our web-site)...

Message for Recruiting
If you want to thrive in a creative, open environment, wish to radically
change software development and develop products that make an impact in
peoples lives, come join us!
Etsee Soft
An Object Oriented Framework Manufacturing company that delivers framework
based business solutions to vertical markets.  We encourage innovation and
practice creativity enhancement.  We believe in our employees; we believe
that helping employees grow creates an open and honest work environment.
This is critical to our growth as a company.
Our Mission
At Etsee Soft, we endeavor to make a positive difference in the lives of
our employees, our neighborhoods and communities at large. We achieve this
by applying software technology to help resolve real world challenges. We
recognize that quality of life is improved through technological advances
and are committed to continually improving the value of our products and
Our Products
DeCAF? -- Distributed Command Architecture Framework
Maestro -- Orchestrates Disparate Application Interchange Throughout the
Enterprise  SM
Safe-T-Net? -- Facilitates Remote Monitoring of Patient Vital Signs
Our Technology
We build Object Oriented Frameworks and deliver business solutions to
vertical markets.  We emphasize Analysis, Design, Design Patterns, and SEI
program management.  We use Smalltalk and Java, CORBA for interoperability,
GemStone and Oracle for persistence.
You will work in a small company that practices innovation and creativity.
You will elevate your technical skills, gain practical experience and have
the satisfaction of working on rewarding projects.  At Etsee Soft, you will
make significant contributions to our products and you will have the
opportunity to see the products in action.  As Etsee Soft rapidly grows you
will be encouraged to enter technical management.  
Your Skills
You will have a PASSION for true Object Oriented methodology, excellent
analytical skills, proven OO capabilities, 2-4 years experience in
developing and delivering software systems, 1+ years Smalltalk or Java
experience, OODBMS knowledge and 2+ years RDBMS.  We are seeking honest,
conscientious, intelligent people  who share in our mission to improve
quality of life.


Etsee Soft, Inc.                        Web Site: http://www.*-*-*.com/
The Object Framework Manufacturing Company
Tel: 609.730.9180               Fax: 609.730.9663

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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