Any Russians out there? 
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 Any Russians out there?

I am a Canadian computer scientist currently doing research at the
University of Tokyo.  There is a very good chance that I will be in
Moscow in a month or so to visit a friend.  While there I would very
much like to meet up with people working in the Russian computer world
(you don't have to be Russian to be interesting in this context).
Engineers, scientists, business people...  Most of my interests and
experiences are in Smalltalk, OOP and concurrency but for this trip I
would just like to find out what is happening in the little known
realm of Russian computing.  This is nothing too serious.  A chat over
coffee, maybe a lab visit or two...  See what the current state is,
what the future holds...


Jeff McAffer

p.s.  Sorry, I tried to do a proper cross-posting but my news grazer
has mysteriously decided not to allow that at this time.  Sigh.
ato de, |m        -- R U R N U

Sat, 07 Oct 1995 15:09:37 GMT  
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