BOSTON - OODB Vendor Pre/Post Sales spots 
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 BOSTON - OODB Vendor Pre/Post Sales spots

Many positions available at 2 separate OODB Vendor Firms in the Boston
area searching for Heavy OO experts willing and able to provide pre/post
sales expertise in the Boston Area.

Each client will train and certify you in the respective OODB and

The position then entails extensive client interaction to help assess
technical environment and then help integrate and finally support and
mento client personnel in the OODB.

All positions are permanent spots with full benefits and extensive
training. Their is NO travel outside of the Boston area.

This is a great position to gain extensive contacts and great skills for a
possible future in high level OODB independent consulting.

Send all resumes and salary requirements to
Jason Denmark

voice: 718-727-7500
fax: 718-727-2020

Sun, 19 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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