The first periodical on Squeak: Squeak News e-zine 
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 The first periodical on Squeak: Squeak News e-zine

Hello, fellow Smalltalkers,

This posting is to inform you that there is now a periodical fully
dedicated to Squeak - the open source, ubiquitously available
Smalltalk. Squeak News e-zine (electronic magazine) is a radical
departure from most classical periodicals because it is interactive
and multi-media, and uses the medium that it is created for as a main
means of delivery!

The first ever issue is the July 2001 issue and it will have two
formats: a subset of the e-zine will be available  on 1st of July on
the http://www.*-*-*.com/ , and the full featured e-zine is
available in Squeak on small saddle-shaped CDs (or standard CDs  for
people whose computers can't read smaller CDs). There is also a
monthly email newsletter that contains the summary of activities in
the Squeak world that month.

I invite you to examine the site and would very much like your
comments and feedback. Check out the contents. In this issue there are
cool articles by prominent Squeakers such as Ted Kaehler, Tim Rowledge
and Bijan Parsia, the first part of an in-depth interview with John
Maloney - the person who brought the Morphic UI to Squeak, and fun
articles such as learning how to juggle in Squeak.

If there are no objections, I would like to be able to send the table
of contents to the list every month. Most articles are directly
related to Squeak and Smalltalk and there will be in-depth interviews
with people such as Alan Kay.

There is also an ambitious Squeak documentation initiative that will
be launched with the e-zine on the 1st July. I know that lack of
documentation keeps a lot of Smalltalkers away from Squeak. Your help
in this area will ensure that we have the best and most up to date
documentation for Squeak accessible from within Squeak as well as on
the web and in a printable form.

Finally, I would like to call all of you to contribute and bring the
vast experience that you have built through years to Squeak. Articles
don't need to be directly on Squeak. Any cool Smalltalk article is
welcome. However should you wish to write your article in Squeak using
Squeak's interactivity and powers it is extremely rewarding to see an
article come to life, a much different experience to having text on


Tansel Ersavas
Editor, Squeak News

Sun, 07 Dec 2003 17:09:27 GMT  
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