Storing images in a class methods 
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 Storing images in a class methods

I want to be able to take an Image and define a new class method
on an object that will create a new instance of this Image and
return it. I am picking the Image from the screen using the
statement 'Image fromUser' and want this image converted into a
textual class method so that if the code is filed out then the
image is not lost. Visual Works does this when using the UIMaskEditor
but the icons that I am picking from the screen are in colour and
therefore I cannot use this tool.

I realize that it would be relatively easy to write a method
that will do this, but it must have been done before and if
so I would appreciate a copy of the code. It is also likely
that someone has come up with an efficient method of storing
images in this fashion.

Thanks again for any help,

Reuben Wells


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Mon, 26 Feb 1996 15:54:46 GMT  
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