(VA 4.02b) using long file names for Envy file attachments 
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 (VA 4.02b) using long file names for Envy file attachments

Is there a way to use the Envy file attachments functionality on files
that have long file names.  I've tried attaching files with long file
names to applications and get a de{*filter*} saying that the file can't be
found.(or something to that affect)

For a file named   filenameexample.doc
The way Visualage Smalltalk reads the files is new to me.  The msdos
name for the long file might be for example filen~1.doc however when
visualage shows the files to pick from it might show a filename of
filnam.doc.  However when I select the file and click 'OK' the
walkback occurs.

Sun, 30 Nov 2003 06:23:15 GMT  
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