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 Angelica Smalltalk C and ASM open source projects

It seems to me that it aught to be relatively easy to make a Simulation of
basic Assembler functionality in Smalltalk so that one can program in a style
of Smalltalk that is neumonic of MASM.  This style is facilitated by the
Angelica lite simulation framework.  This neumonic Smalltalk code can be
executed in either simulation mode or code generation mode.  The simulation
framework would simulate stuff like registers and addressing and such like.
I believe that Smalltalk can actually access the registers of the CPU so
perhaps the simulation could use the actual hardware.  At least in
Smalltalk/V or SmalltalkExpress you could.  Then when it was all working you
could switch over to code generation mode and output MASM and compile it and
run it.  You don't have to simulate the entire MASM.  Just start out with a
subsection that is needed in order to transcribe some MASM assembler code
from some book( I suggest << See BOOK-: Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming
Black Book ISBN-: 1-57610-174-6 PG-:  >> which has to do with the DOS
implementation of Quake. ).  If the simulation of MASM or TASM( turbo
assembler ) becomes highly accurate and I don't know why it wouldn't since
assembler is pretty simple, then you aught to be able to make a whole
assembler routines in Smalltalk and debug it using the excellent Smalltalk
de{*filter*} and when it works perfectly output the MASM and compile it and the
compiled assembler executable or DLL should run without error.  This is what
I call Angelica Smalltalk Assembler.  I am probably going to take a stab at
outlining such a simulation framework in my forever upcoming open source first implementation.  It will go along with the Angelica
Smalltalk C that I have already started.  I have implemented the C variables
and a few data types like Int etc as simulations in Smalltalk.  I have used
this stuff to transcribe the code for =>Little Smalltalk<=( ) into Angelica Smalltalk
C.  I have done 3 functions in the memory management C file.  I work on it
off and on as a larc.  It seems really easy to translate C over into Angelica
Smalltalk C( we don't have to simulate all of C, just the basic stuff needed
to get Little Smalltalk done. ).  So why would you want to do this and make
Angelica Smalltalk C and Angelica Smalltalk ASM?  Because, C and assembler
suck.  They suck a moutain of ass the size of an air craft carrier.  If we
incorporate them into Smalltalk then we can code shared DLL libraries and
executables in C and Assembler without ever leaving Smalltalk.  Therefore we
don't have to engage in the compile link crash full catastrophe and yet we
can gain access to the speed that you can get from C and ASM.  And the
resulting Smalltalk neumonic code will be easier to maintian and add to than
straight C or assembler would be to maintain or add to.  Also since Angelica
doesn't implement a C or ASM compiler but just a lite simulation framework
and lite tree based code generator there is no big hurkin table driven
compiler getting between you and your business.  So it is easy to add new
stuff to the lite simulation framework or tweek it around.  So I hope you
like it.  I hope it will come out somewhere this side of never.  Just when
everybody in their right mind has decided that it will never come out.
That's when it will come out.  So do your part.


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