MN - Minneapolis/St. Paul - Smalltalk Developers (ParcPlace Digitalk and Visual Age) 
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 MN - Minneapolis/St. Paul - Smalltalk Developers (ParcPlace Digitalk and Visual Age)


Specializing in object-oriented analysis, design, and programming
languages (featuring Smalltalk, Java, C++, and Forte), Javelin
Technology Corporation is a locally-based startup offering
comprehensive software-development consulting services and custom-made
software components for large-scale IS projects, commercial
applications, client/server & distributed-object architectures,
object-to-relational database mappings, and Internet/intranet-driven
services.  We are currently seeking experienced Smalltalk developers
for a number of challenging projects, but we will also consider
talented, creative individuals for entry-level positions should they
have a sufficient academic background and some degree of formal
Smalltalk training.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and would like to get in at the
ground floor with a dynamic, growth-oriented company well-positioned
to be the preeminent source of object-oriented knowledge in the Twin
Cities, please email or send a resume with cover letter to one of the

        Javelin Technology Corp.
        2925 Dean Parkway, Suite 300
        Minneapolis, MN  55416

        Tel: (612) 928-7634

Todd Headlee
Officer, Javelin Technology Corp.

Sat, 06 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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