Manchester Archive Problem 
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 Manchester Archive Problem

Hi there,

I have some trouble getting HotDraw-source.tar.Z and HotDraw-apps.tar.Z from
the Manchester archive via the mail server. I tried

send hotdraw41/HotDraw-source.tar.Z


binary hotdraw41/HotDraw-source.tar.Z


send binary hotdraw41/HotDraw-source.tar.Z

The result was always the same:

[... some stuff deleted ...]

--- send hotdraw41/HotDraw-source.tar.Z ---
======== hotdraw41/HotDraw-source.tar.Z ======================================
begin 644 /users/archive/ARCHIVE/./uiuc/st80_r41/hotdraw41/../hotdraw41/HotDraw-source.tar.Z

" The above file is a Manchester Goodie. It is distributed freely on condition

[... some stuff deleted ...]

As you see, there's nothing between the begin and the end line.
What's wrong?


Dipl.-Inform. Stefan Baldi               EUROPEAN BUSINESS SCHOOL

tel +49-6723-69-233                      Schloss Reichartshausen
fax +49-6723-3064                        D-65375 Oestrich-Winkel

Fri, 01 Mar 1996 21:25:34 GMT  
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