Announce: New Jersey Smalltalk Users Group 
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 Announce: New Jersey Smalltalk Users Group

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NJSUG - New Jersey Smalltalk Users Group

Presenter:      Jonathan Pletzke
Location:       IBM Corporation, Cranford, New Jersey
Date:           January 17, 1996
Time:           6:30 PM -8:30 PM

Title:          Secret Smalltalk Coding Techniques

Abstract:      =20
        Want to write better, faster, more readable Smalltalk code? =20
        Want to learn a few Smalltalk coding tricks to improve your career=
        impress your friends?  Jonathan Pletzke, author of the forthcoming=
        book:Advanced Smalltalk Development , will present a variety of ways=
        write better Smalltalk code.  Come share his insights on Smalltalk=
        development and get answers to many of your questions.  He will also=
        distributing his Smalltalk book list and his Documentation Generator=

Upcoming Presentations:
        *** Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month ***
        February 21, 1996 - Doug Bennet of IBM presents Use Cases
        March 20, 1996 - Special Meeting at Smalltalk Solutions '96=20

Donation: Three dollars is requested to offset costs of refreshments and

Directions:    =20
1.      NJ Turnpike - Take exit 11, follow signs for Garden State Parkway -=
 North.  Follow the directions given in #3.

2.      Garden State Parkway (South) - Travelling south, take exit 136. =
 Bear right off exit ramp and take a jug handle (u-turn) turn.  The sign=
 will say Linden.  Make left and travel back over the Parkway.  You will be=
 on Centennial Avenue.  At second traffic light, make a left onto Raritan=
 road.  Turn left at second road onto Commerce Drive.  IBM is #27 Commerce=
 Drive on the right side.

3.      Garden State Parkway (North) - Travelling north, take exit 136. =
 Bear right off the exit ramp onto Centennial Avenue.  Go through first=
 light and immediately get into far left lane.  At the next traffic light,=
 make a left onto Raritan road.  Turn left at second road onto Commerce=
 Drive.  IBM is #27 Commerce Drive on the right side.

New Jersey Smalltalk Users Group doesn't belong to any organization and=
 welcomes Smalltalk programmers of all levels and versions of Smalltalk. =
 This is the 10th monthly meeting.  Please feel free to advertise about this=
 presentation.  For more information contact:

Mak Utpat, Co-Founder,=20

Chandan Mallik, Co-Founder,=20

Jonathan Pletzke, Membership,=20

Jonathan Pletzke
The Technical Expertise Corporation

Fri, 03 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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