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 >>> NOV 20 NYSUG - JumpStart <<<



                        CALLING ALL SmalltalkERS

Don't miss the next monthly meeting of NYSUG, the New
York Smalltalk Users Group...

WHEN:     Thursday, November 20th, from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
WHERE:  The IBM Building, 590 Madison Ave. (57th St) 6th Flr
  6:30-8:30 Cutting-Edge Behavior Modeling for the Financial Industry
        Bill Cole, Founder & CEO, JumpStartSystems, Inc

Defining business problems for IT solutions is a hit-and-miss proposition
in the financial marketplace today.  The problem often results from
business modeling techniques which do not accurately define & capture the
external market variables surrounding a business activity.

In the last five years, there has been tremendous progress in the field of
modeling market behavior.  Tonight's venue will discuss some new
leading-edge financial modeling techniques.  These techniques allow for a
more accurate representation of a business activity in the context of a
broader market context.  This will be followed by a case study of a project
which used these techniques to model their business domain, and how it
resulted in a knowledge base larger than the sum of its components.
Lastly, we will show how object technology is used as the primary tool for
implementing such systems.

Bill Cole is President of JumpStart Systems Inc.  He has been working in
software development for 18 years, and for the last 9 years has been
developing large-scale OO systems in the financial and telecommunications
market sectors.

- December meeting:  Thursday, December 16th, 1997
        "Using Classic Blend to Successfully Deploy a Thin-Client, Distributed
                Data Warehouse Application"
        Joan Martin & Guests, Applied Reasoning (www.AppliedReasoning.com)
- Smalltalk Industry Council has a new web site:   http://www.*-*-*.com/
- John Shelton's February '97 presentation of "Beelions of Objects", a discussion
        on dealing with a billion+-object GemStone database is available in
        Adobe Acrobat *.PDF format at his website
        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~jlshelton/

Coming to a NYSUG meeting on a 3rd Thursday this season:
        - success stories (Applied Reason)
        - new Smalltalk product (QKS, Smalltalk/X)
        - distributed ST (Mission)
        - migration (Synchrony)
        - embedded smalltalk (OTI)

Co-chairs of the New York Smalltalk Users Group are:

CHECK OUT OUR HOMEPAGE AT:   http://www.*-*-*.com/

We are a Special Interest Group of the New York Personal Computer
Users Group. For information on NYPC and the Smalltalk Users Group
call the hotline (212) 533-NYPC or (212) 984-0626 or

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