Basic help needed using IIOP in VAST 4.5 
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 Basic help needed using IIOP in VAST 4.5


We are trying to use our existing C++ servlets
with VisualAge ST 4.5 sst

We do have an object refernce (IOR) from string and
it seems to be valid. But with given pingpong
example we can't guess how to call that interface

if we have a basic idl interface :

interface foo {

        readonly attribute short height;  // height of the grid
        readonly attribute short width;   // width of the grid

        // IDL operations

        // set the element [n,m] of the grid, to value:
        void set(in short n, in short m, in long value);

        // return element [n,m] of the grid:
        long get(in short n, in short m);

        // some fortune string
        string hello( );


How do we acces these methods when we know  IOR for a foo object?

If anybody knows some howto  about it we would be wery pleased.
(please reply via mail because I can't read this group very often)


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