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 Re?2?: Availablity ads a sign of weakness or strength?


     As a Smalltalker, I certainly hope not!  However, my company has been
     looking for more developers for quite awhile and only got only 2 responses
     for Sr. Developers/Framework-Application Architects.  As for junior
     developers, we are almost giving up and have been looking into immersion
     training for newly-minted grad types.

     So for better or worse, I would think that Smalltalkers are still in great
     demands for the usual reasons.  THIS IS NOT A STATEMENT TO START A FLAME


     ?My opinions are my own, not those of Medicus and are usually not very
     worthwhile... ;) ?

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Subject: Re: Availablity ads a sign of weakness or strength?

Date:    5/29/96 4:36 AM


> writes:

> >However, I am noticing a lot more Smalltalkers available ads.  Is this a
> new
> >marketing trend, or a sign of weakness in the Smalltalk biz?

> I've noticed this too.  Last year I figured June to be something of a
> 'crises' point for Smalltalk employability where the going would get tough
> (and the tough would get...).

> Not overly happy that this might be taking place now that June is upon us.
>  Java is snatching a lot of development mindshare and I had sort of
> wistfully hoped it would take from C++ disproportionately.

> Chuck Durrett
> The WebBook Company
> 810.644.2725
> Birmingham, Michigan, USA

> "Thanks for listening."

On the other hand, I am not seeing any great volume of posts to
offering jobs or contracts.  So far, Java is mostly being used to build web
pages, not so much for in-house client-server applications.

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Sun, 15 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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