Classes and types, a "personal" view 
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 Classes and types, a "personal" view

As a Christmas bonus to those that have had the patience to follow the
various threads in which there has been a rather one sided debate about
the features of Smalltalk-80, here is a quote that I have been saving
for quite a while, where the authors of Smalltalk-80 clearly state, as a
matter of course, what is the relationship between some language
construct and the respective reification in Smalltalk-80, and the
corresponding language construct and the respective reification in other
popular languages.

As it will be apparent, I have enjoyed very much the privilege to use
myself almost the same words, several times over:

  "*Objects used by the interpreter*

    This section describes what might be called the data structures of
    the interpreter. Although they are objects, and therefore more than
    data structures, the interpreter treats these objects as data

    The first two types of object correspond to data structures found in
    the interpreters for most languages.

    ``Methods'' correspond to programs, subroutines, or procedures.
    ``Contexts'' correspond to stack frames or activation records.

    The final structure described in this section, that of ``classes'',
    is not used by the interpreter for most languages, but only by the

    Classes correspond to aspects of the type declarations of some other

    Because of the nature of Smalltalk messages, the classes must be
    used by the interpreter at runtime." ...

  [Goldberg&Robson, page 575]

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