LAST CHANCE to co-organize OOPSLA Midyear Workshop 
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 LAST CHANCE to co-organize OOPSLA Midyear Workshop

         LAST CHANCE TO BE A CO-ORGANIZER (OOPSLA Midyear Workshops)

     It looks like there will be Workshops on the applications of object
technology in Telecommunications, Finance, Healthcare, Transactional
Frameworks and Manufacturing.
It is still possible to submit short proposals to co-organize these or
other workshops.
See the announcement below or http://www.*-*-*.com/
me know before January 24 if you will be sending in a proposal. The basic
content should be a description of your work in the area and your thoughts
on the key issues.



                                   CALL FOR ORGANIZERS

The OOPSLA Conference Committee and ACM SIGPLAN are planning
a set of collocated workshops on  "Applied  Object Technology" on Monday,
June 16 and Tuesday June 17, 1997. The location for the workshops is
Danford's Inn on the water at Port Jefferson, Long Island,
N.Y.( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ). Delta Airlines
will be supplying discount flights for the workshops.

The purpose of this new event is to bring together people who are working
on the application of object technology to the critical problems in major
industrial domains such as health, manufacturing telecommunications,
financial, electronic commerce,and government. (Three to four domains will
be selected for the final workshops).

The organizers will be chosen on the basis of experience and knowledge
in the application of object technology to specific domains. A set of
organizers will be selected in each area to share the work and provide a
spectrum of viewpoints. The workshops in each domain will run two days. The
suggested agenda is to focus on current activities during the first day's
session followed by future directions on the second day. Rooms will also be
available for evening bird-of-a-feather sessions on generic areas of
applied object technology (for example, frameworks, business objects, and
project management).

Proposals from organizers should include the following:  (1) the
application domain (for example, telecommunications), (2) a description of
the organizer's work and background in the domain, (3) the organizer's
perspective on the state of object technology applications in the domain,
(4) a discussion of the domain-specific future requirements and directions
that should be addressed during the workshop.

Proposed workshops must have an open call for participation, but
participation in a workshop may be based on submission of a technical
position paper.  Proposals, questions, and early requests to participate in
a workshop should be sent to the midyear Workshops Chair.

Proposals must be received by midyear Workshops Chair: January 24, 1997.
Notification of acceptance or rejection of proposals: February 3, 1997.

Midyear Workshops Chair - Bob Marcus American Management Systems 4050
Legato Road
Fairfax, VA 22033 USA
Fax: +1-703-267-2222

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