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 FREE COURSE PLACES - UK (Staffordshire University) LONG POST

Introductory Short Course in Object Technology
11, 12, 13 December 1995

Staffordshire University School of Computing are able to offer a limited
number of FREE places on this 3 day short course thanks to funding from
the European Social Fund (ESF)

This is an introductory, three day, hands on course aimed at introducing
Object Technology  (OT) to those persons responsible for making or
advising strategic decisions in computer software related activities.  
Such people could include DP managers, consultants, senior developers, or
any other practitioner who has an interest in this dynamic technology.  
The course is aimed at introducing OT to attendees in such a way as to
dispel the current hype surrounding the subject and allow them to make
more objective decisions regarding the value of OT to their own companies
or personal careers.

The normal fee for this course would be 750 per delegate (at 250 per
day) but thanks to a European Social Fund (ESF) subsidy a small number of
 places are available free of charge on the December course to those who
fit the ESF criteria.  To be eligable for a subsidised place people
should either be employed  in Small to Medium sized Enterprises SMEs
(1-250 employees) or be unemployed practitioners.  With respect to those
employed in SMEs, special consideration will be given to those facing
redundancy who wish to upskill into Object Technology.  Companies may
also consider using this course as part of a general redundancy package.

Course outline

Day 1
Fundamental Object Technology
managers overview,
developers overview,
concepts of objects, classes, components , inheritance, aggregation,
  re-use etc.
hands on sessions

Day 2
Object Oriented Software Development
Lectures, demos and hands on practical work introducing the OO approach
  to building systems, using Visual Smalltalk.

Day 3
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
An overview of the current methods available and an introduction to one
  of the more popular current OO A&D methods

Migrating to Object Technology
Lectures and discussion related to the process of adopting or  
  migrating to OO.
Overview of OO databases, and linking to relational database systems
Current condition  of the OO market place

The Venue

Staffordshire University has one of the largest Computing Schools in
Europe, and has an excellent national and international reputation.  The
course will be taught in the Schools purpose built and well equipped
development centre in the Octagon building at the Beaconside site at

The Presenters

Dr. Gillian Lovegrove
Head of the Information Systems division.
Dr. Lovegrove has extensive teaching and research experience in the field
of Object Technology.  Dr. Lovegrove is jointly researching the teaching
of OT with co-presenter Mr. Phil McLaughlin and is currently directing
post graduate research into how small to medium size businesses could
best migrate to OT

Mr. Phil McLaughlin
Senior Lecturer
Object Technology and Applied Computing
Mr. McLaughlin has been active in applied OT research for  9 years and
has been teaching OT to undergraduates and on industrial short courses
for 4 years.

In orde to make a booking please email Phil McLaughlin directly

or  Phone  Liz Smith on

Voice  (01782  294302)
Fax     (01782  294026)

Quoting Short Course In Object Technology

Please feel free to cross post this (enitre) post to related groups
Phil McLaughlin
Senior Lecturer
Staffordshire University School of Computing
(01782) 294159
(01782) 294026 Fax


Tue, 12 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 FREE COURSE PLACES - UK (Staffordshire University) LONG POST
As an unemployed practitioner, can I apply for a set of the Docs?

Brief resume: I built the first 400 coin laundries in Japan -- before me
no coin laundries -- and made a fair bit of money.  This I invested
inmaking auto parts, disk brake rotors here in Canada, at exactly the
time of a.) the 1991 recession and inventory liquidation and b.) China
beginning to produce good quality rotors, marketed for the price of a raw
cating in North America.  This made me poor again, and I have recently
been granted bankruptcy.

I expect my next career to be in computation, and I am studying Lisp,
APL/J, and Smalltalk -- this last because it seems to me C++ has been
oversold and is about to crash.  

I have watched computation fairly carefully since 1949 when I read about
Von Neuman and decided this was going to be important, but always in an
amateur sort of way.  "Know enough so the tekkies can't put one over on
you" sort of thing.  This time, at the age of 52, I'm going to get my
feet wet, and I would appreciate any help you can afford me.

                           With very best wishes,

                           David Lloyd-Jones
                           101 Brunswick Avenue
                           Toronto, Ontario  M5S 2L8
                           Canada      phone (416) 927-7763.

Sat, 16 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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