Compilation vs. Interpretation 
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 Compilation vs. Interpretation

     |> Does anyone have an opinion as to whether or not it is appropriate
     to |> use dynamic compilation in a deployed application. That is,
     |> your application with the compiler classes that are used to convert
     |> strings of text entered by users into compiled code.
     |> Example: I need to write an application that includes filtering or
     |> testing. The filtering consists of complex boolean logic.
     |> I have three options (that I can think of): |>
     |>      1. Devise a custom script language and interpret it at runtime
     |>      2. Allow users to write Smalltalk code that gets compiled |>
           and executed (i.e a block)
     |>      3. Take my custom script language and convert it into |>
       Smalltalk code that is then compiled and executed. |>
     |>      ------ stuff deleted -------- |>
     |> Are there any 'patterns' that address this issue? |>
     |> Thanks in advance.
     |> Faisal Waris
     |> Trecom Business System
     |> Consultant at BellSouth Technologies |> (205) 977-7985 (Sorry no
     email yet)

     This is a perfect example of the "Interpreter" pattern in the Gamma,
     Helms, Johnson and Vlissides book ("Design Patterns: Elements of
     Reusable Object Oriented Software").

     Check there for a good example (although the example is C++, it's
     generic enough to adapt)

     Kyle Brown
     Knowledge Systems Corp.

Sat, 11 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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