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 Persitency-Frameworks / TOPLink for Gemstone announcement

>There are several OO database products.  Based on personal
>experience, I can recommend both GemStone and Objectivity
>(see http://www.*-*-*.com/ and http://www.*-*-*.com/ ,

>There are also a number of tools for mapping objects to/from
>relational databases, but this is really not the best way to
>do things.  The basic problem is that objects are not readily
>mapped, stored and retrieved as relations, and the conversions
>required to do this entail various problems.  OODB is much more
>straightforward, easier to maintain, more transparent, and so

And if you'd like to use an OODB, but can't entirely break from relational
yet, you might consider the forthcoming "TOPLink for Gemstone" product,
which was just announced. I've attached the press release, which you can
also find at http://www.*-*-*.com/
"Press Releases". It should also be at http://www.*-*-*.com/ real soon

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- November 11, 1996 -- GemStone Systems, Inc. and The
Object People, Inc. today announced a joint development and marketing
partnership to provide corporations with a robust three-tier application
development solution that enables object-to-relational mapping and data
exchange between GemStone's object application server and leading relational

Under the partnership agreement, The Object People's TOPLink product, a
popular object-to-relational mapping tool, will be integrated into the
GemStone object application server to provide a highly scalable three-tier
distributed object computing system that incorporates existing relational
data. The resulting product, TOPLink for GemStone, will be marketed
primarily by GemStone.

"We are seeing a huge push in the development community towards three-tier
distributed object systems that integrate relational data," said Bryan
Grummon, GemStone president and CEO. "By joining efforts with The Object
People, whose proven technology is popular among application developers,
GemStone continues to aggressively meet this market requirement with mature,
production-quality technology."

"This partnership with GemStone responds to market demand for a three-tier
solution that incorporates TOPLink's advanced object-to-relational
frameworks," said John Pugh, president of The Object People. "TOPLink for
GemStone will enable organizations to utilize GemStone's industry-leading
object application server while leveraging their existing investment in
relational databases. The integration of the two technologies offers the
best of both worlds and represents a significant business value to customers."

"Our organization has a huge investment in information contained in
relational databases. We have found TOPLink to be an invaluable tool in
bridging the gap between relational databases and Smalltalk programs," said
Allan Horton, application architect with Revenue Canada. "It is clear to us
that using GemStone can provide a quantum leap in productivity. The
integration of TOPLink with GemStone will provide developers with the
flexibility and options that they could only dream about previously."

TOPLink for GemStone, scheduled for production shipment in Q1 1997, adds all
of TOPLink's object-to-relational functionality used in a client-based,
two-tier environment to GemStone's server-based, three-tier environment. It
utilizes GemStone's GemConnect technology as its underlying high-speed
mechanism for moving relational data between object and relational
environments. TOPLink provides an advanced development framework for
creating, maintaining and extending mappings between object and relational
data. Also, TOPLink's support for object-level transactions will be
integrated with GemStone's transaction model, resulting in a seamless,
comprehensive transaction framework.

The Object People offers worldwide education, consulting and development
services for Smalltalk and Java. The company specializes in transitioning
organizations to object technology, and through their comprehensive range of
services, are able to assist clients throughout the entire OO life cycle.
They also provide solutions to the Smalltalk and Java communities through
their software product line, led by TOPLink, the industry leader in
Smalltalk to relational persistence frameworks. With offices in Ottawa,
Canada, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Southampton, England, The Object People
have been providing solutions to companies throughout the world since 1989.
The Object People's head office is located at
885 Meadowlands Dr., Suite 509
Ottawa, ON, K2C 3N2
Tel: 613 225 8812
Fax: 613 225 5943

Web site: http://www.*-*-*.com/ .

GemStone Systems, Inc. provides scalable object application server
technology for Global 2000 corporations re-engineering information systems
using object technology. GemStone enables implementation of enterprise-wide
business object models and applications that support the demanding
requirements of mission-critical environments, and provides seamless
co-existence with relational and legacy systems. GemStone also provides
technical services directly as well as through its GemSmith object partners.
Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, GemStone sells and supports its
solutions worldwide maintaining offices in the U.S., internationally with
subsidiaries in the UK and France, and through a network of distributors.

GemStone is a registered trademark and GemConnect is a trademark of GemStone
Systems, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned may be held by their respective

Alan Knight                     | The Object People

613.225.8812(v) 613.225.5943(f) | http://www.*-*-*.com/

"Oh yeah, those Object People. They're kind of strange,
aren't they" - Jim Coplien, OOPSLA '96

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