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Why has ParcPlace chosen to hide the SystemWorkspace?
Do they really beleive that it is possible to do any kind of real work in
VisualWorks without an intimate understanding of Smalltalk?

The only way of getting to the SystemWorkspace is by executing
ComposedTextView openSystemWorkspace.

This is completely undocumented so only veteran smalltalkers will find
this feature!

ComposedTextView also still has code for the InstallationWorkspace which
seems to be defunct.

Best regards,

Niklas Bjornerstedt
Entra Data AB, Sweden       tel: +46-8-80 97 00
Gustavslundsv. 151 G        fax: +46-8-26 04 76

Tue, 29 Apr 1997 16:08:27 GMT  
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