Lighthouse Design seeks Project Lead Engineer 
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 Lighthouse Design seeks Project Lead Engineer

24 January 1995

Project Lead Engineer Sought

Lighthouse Design is in search of a full time Project Lead Engineer to join our  
engineering team. The person filling this position will assume the  
responsibility for leading a small highly motivated team of NEXTSTEP engineers  
working on our spreadsheet products. Work can begin immediately.

Lighthouse Design is the premier provider of productivity applications for  
NEXTSTEP and soon OpenStep.

- Responsibilities -

    * Provide technical and team leadership
    * Manage project resources and schedules
    * Contribute to and lead the design and specification of our
      spreadsheet applications
    * Create implementation designs and schedules
    * Code, test, and debug
    * Guide projects to a successful finish
    * Ship high quality applications

- Skills and Experience Required -

    * 3 or more years professional application development experience
      in NEXTSTEP, or OO GUI development environments similar to NEXTSTEP
      such as Smalltalk or GO
    * 3 or more years project management experience
    * Development experience and knowledge of spreadsheets a big plus
    * User interface design skills and experience are desirable,
      but not required
    * B.S. in Computer Science or related areas. M.S. preferable

- Benefits -

    * Opportunity to work in NEXTSTEP and OpenStep, state of the art
      object oriented environments
    * A chance to lead small, highly motivated teams, in a pleasant and
      collegial professional environment
    * Opportunity to shape the development of our spreadsheet products
    * Extensive exposure and involvement in the full product development cycle
    * Competitive compensation, including stock options
    * Comprehensive health coverage
    * Free food and, more importantly, free gourmet coffee

- How to Apply -

    Resumes may be submitted in any of the following ways (listed in
    order of preference). The submission deadline is *February 10*.
    Please be sure to put "Resume for the Project Lead Engineer opening"
    on your cover sheet.

    attachments are acceptable, too.

    Fax us at +1-415-570-7787.

    US Mail is fine too, but doesn't always get the quick response
    that electronic submissions do. Send mail to:

        Human Resources
        Lighthouse Design, Ltd.
        2929 Campus Drive, Suite 250
        San Mateo, CA 94403-2534

   Note, if you have access to the web, we maintain the latest Lighthouse
   hiring information on our World Wide Web server at

- More Information about Lighthouse Design -

   If you wish to learn more about Lighthouse Design and our
   products, you can obtain more information via our web server at

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