Low-Cost Remote Programmer Wanted 
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 Low-Cost Remote Programmer Wanted


i'm a Dolphin Smalltalk  programmer i worked  on it during 2 years.
i know visualWorks and Squeak too.
my English is not so  good , i can read english perfectly.
Please tell me about this job and the conditions.
 i'm interesting on it.
please asap.

  Marcelo Diaz Cortez


> Are there any Low-Cost Remote Dolphin Programmers available?  As an
> individual I can't pay normal USA consultant rates. First I have started a
> compiler for new language which needs to be completed. Afterward several
> projects in advanced text processing, advanced graphics, and other symbol
> processing in the new language.

Sun, 16 Nov 2003 12:05:03 GMT  
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