Programs needed for CS investigation 
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 Programs needed for CS investigation

Hallo folks!

I am currently working on a thesis about the impacts of various
programing styles (University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, Europe).
For this purpose, I need a somewhat larger sample of functionally
equivalent programs. These prgrams will then be measured according to
a set of metrics.

If you have something like a matrix class at hand, or if you
don`t mind solving a tutorial-like task just for fun, please
read the following specification. Then please send a mail containing your

Thank you verz much!

Note & Guarantee: Your program will not be used for any other purpose than
this publication. Your name will not be mentioned unless you want
explicitly want to.

The Specification:
The required  program should read two square matrices of integer numbers
from an input file and write their product to an output file. (Both
files are text files) The size of the matrices is *NOT* known in advance.

Multiplication (Skip this if you know how to multiply matrices:)
For two matrices A and B, the elements cij of their product C are
calculated as follows (For matrix A, aij denotes the element in the
i-th row and the j-th column of A):

     cij = Sum aik*bkj

Input and output:
There should be a possibility to specify the names of the input and
output files with the main (class-)method.

The input looks like this:
<n> <a11> <a12> ... <a1n> <a21> .. <ann> <b11> ... <bnn>

All Elements are integers. To keep scanning simple, they are
separated either by a single blank, 'Character tab', or 'Character cr'.

<n>       is the size (number of rows and columns) of the
          subsequent matrices
<a??>     are the (signed) elements of A (listed row-wise)
<b??>     are the (signed) elements of B (listed row-wise)

The resulting matrix C is written to the specified output file in the
following manner:
<c11> <c12> .. <c1n>
<c21> ...
<cn1> ..       <cnn>

Elements of the same row are separated by a signle blank (or tab), and
rows are separated by a cr character.

*) Please follow the specification of input and output file formats
   as accurately as possible. (Required for automated analyses)

Thank you very much for your interest and your effort. Please send
your programs via e-mail. I'll post the main results of my study
to this forum.



Schindlerg. 3A                  phone/fax: **43-1-478-17-09 (home)
A-1180 Vienna
Austria, Europe

Sat, 17 May 1997 01:01:23 GMT  
 Programs needed for CS investigation
[ ... request for matrix multiplication deleted ... ]

As I have seen this message at least three times, I guess you're not
offering enough in terms of rewards --- how about some specially
printed T-shirts?

My code is as follows:

| mat1 mat2 mat3 |

mat1 := Matrix edit.
mat2 := Matrix edit.
mat3 := mat1 * mat2.
mat3 display

... John

Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit (Virgil)
[approx] Tr: The time may come when we will look back on these days and laugh

Mon, 19 May 1997 06:05:11 GMT  
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