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 Why Smalltalk Website

To:     Smalltalk Community
From:   Smalltalk Solutions Sponsors and Exhibitors
Re:     www.whysmalltalk.com

Smalltalk Community

The Smalltalk Solutions 2002 Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors would
like to give a special thanks to the people at www.whysmalltalk.com.
Many of you may not have seen this site yet, but for anyone that has
been looking for a vendor-neutral active Smalltalk advocacy site, it
is here.

www.whysmalltalk.com has only been around for a few months in its new
and improved form, but it is growing fast.  Please check out the site
and if you have any Smalltalk related news to report, please contact

Thank You

Smalltalk Solutions 200 Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors
Cincom Systems, Inc.
Object Arts
Precision Systems
Reiling Consulting Corporation
Synchrony Systems
Totally Objects

Tue, 19 Oct 2004 05:44:22 GMT  
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