file out Application from Envy into a non-Envy image? 
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 file out Application from Envy into a non-Envy image?


I need to file out a large chunk of code from an Envy image into a
non-envy image (say at the application level, or subapplication level).
I posted earlier in the year and was informed about filing out
at the class level (You need to execute: System genericFormat: true).
This has been useful to me, but we have large applications where it is
not feasible to file out at the class level. Filing out at a "higher"
level does not work because Envy files out in an order
(non-hierarchical) that is not accepted by a non-Envy image. I
was told
by a PPD person who repsonded to my last post that there are
many people that have written something that would file things out in
the right order by looking up class hierarchy info. So my question
here is, has anyone out there written some file-out code to do this?
Or if someone can point me to where I can obtain class hierarchical
info in an Envy image; maybe I could write it myself

Thabks very much,


US West Information Technologies
4001 Discovery Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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