Deadline Approaching: ICSE 2000 Workshop on Software Product Lines 
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 Deadline Approaching: ICSE 2000 Workshop on Software Product Lines

             The First Workshop on Software Product Lines
              Economics, Architectures, and Implications
                            June 10, 2000
     22 International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE),
                          Limerick, Ireland
                              June 4-11.


                       FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS
                       Deadline Extended!

Product line engineering is a recent concept and one of the hottest
topics in software engineering aiming at synergy effects in
software development.  Diverse benefits like cost reduction,
decreased time-to-market, and quality improvement can be expected
from reuse of software assets. But also non-technical benefits can
be expected as result of product branding, minimizing marginal
costs, and sharing organizational costs. On the other hand, product
lines introduce additional complexity: The planning and/or
development of more than one product at a time has to be managed
technically and organizationally.  This workshop aims at sharing
conceptual and practical experience by establishing contacts and
starting the discussion between experts and practitioners from
academia and industry.

The objective of the workshop is to bring together people from
industry and academia to investigate the proposals and the
practices that pertain to the following conceptual and technical

* Product lines introduce extra complexity in software development
  but offer high returns: What are the tradeoffs and when should
  software firms decide to go for a product line approach?
* Do product lines affect customer preferences? How and why is a
  product in a product line more desirable than a product
  commercialized alone?
* What are the specific architectural issues in a product line? How
  can the products of a product line share a common architecture?
* What is needed as theoretical and technical support for product
* How do product lines affect the organization of a software
* Is product line development manageable by small and medium-sized
* Is it possible to predict when product line investment pays in a
  specific domain and environment?
* Which existing tools support the product line engineering best?
* How can traceability be achieved over the product line
  engineering phases?

To participate, authors should send papers relevant to one or more
of the topics mentioned in the Objective section.
Submissions will be evaluated according to the relevance and
originality of the work and to their ability to generate
discussions between the participants of the workshop. Special
attention will be placed to accept a very diverse set of papers,
both from the usual industrial and academic software engineering
community and from other scientific communities relevant for
software product lines, such as the management community.

Submission guidelines:

* Submitted can be either full papers (max. 10 pages) or extended
  abstracts (4 pages) formatted according to ICSE-2000 guidelines.
  Allowed document formats are PDF and postscript.
* The work presented should be original and not be submitted or
  already published elsewhere.
* Papers should be send as email attachment to Peter Knauber or
  Giancarlo Succi by no later than February 1st, 2000.

The workshop is meant to be the final point of a discussion that
would start with the selection of the papers to be presented at
the workshop. Such papers will be placed on a web-based
cooperation server located at Fraunhofer IESE; the workshop
organizing committee will post on the server a sequence of
critical points and the authors of the papers will be requested to
comment on them.
The organizers intend to publish the best papers of the workshop
in a book they would edit and are in contact with a publisher for
that purpose. In case that book is accepted, authors of accepted
papers will be required to adhere to the respective camera ready
copy guidelines and to sign the suitable camera ready copy.

Important Dates:
* February 25th, 2000: Deadline for submissions to the workshop.
* March 24th: Notification of acceptance.
* April 1st: Full program for the workshop available.
             Nomination of the two invited speakers.
* April 15th: Final version of the papers due
* May 1st: Start of discussion.

Workshop Organizing Committee:
Peter Knauber, Fraunhofer IESE, Germany
Giancarlo Succi, University of Alberta, Canada
Luigi Benedicenti, University of Regina, Italy
Jorge Diaz-Herrera, Southern Polytechnic State University, USA
Loris Gaio, Universita di Trento, Italy
Masao Matsumoto, Japan
Frank Maurer, University of Calgary, Canada
Maurizio Morisio, University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Tullio Vernazza, Universita di Genova, Italy
Enrico Zaninotto, Universita di Trento, Italy

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