Free ParcPlace VisualWorks 2.0 Seminars in Many Cities 
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 Free ParcPlace VisualWorks 2.0 Seminars in Many Cities

These free seminars might be of interest to readers of this group. The
below text comes directly from our mailer, so the wording is a bit more
rah-rah promotional than is typical on technical Usenet newsgroups.
Apologies in advance.

For more information, please call the phone numbers listed below.

    ParcPlace VisualWorks 2.0: Free Seminar for Professional
   Developers Who are Serious about Client/Server Development

Take a little time and save a lot of time at our FREE VisualWorks 2.0

LEARN from the people who wrote the book on object-oriented  programming
in Smalltalk...  HEAR a very special taped message from ParcPlace founder
Adele Goldberg, who co-developed Smalltalk at Xerox's famous Palo Alto
Research Center (PARC)...  UNDERSTAND how object-oriented technology can
save you time through object re-use, reduced maintenance, and
extensibility...  DISCOVER how to slash your application development time
by 90% or more...  WITNESS an unprecedented demonstration of new
VisualWorks 2.0...  TAKE HOME refreshing insights into a better way of

Time is of the essence.  Enrollment is limited.  

Call 1.800.736.7587 between 8-5pm PST, Mon-Fri, and register today.
(Call 1.408.737.7587 outside the US.)

Right Place - Right Time (all seminars are held between 9 am - 12 noon):


 September 12th:  Boston, Cambridge Marriott
 September 13th:  New York City, Salomon Brothers
 September 16th:  Toronto, Royal York Hotel
 September 19th:  Washington DC, Fairview Park Marriott - Falls Church, VA
 September 20th:  Atlanta, The Swiss Hotel
 September 23rd:  Orlando, Peabody Hotel


 October 10th:  Denver, Marriott City Center
 October 12th:  Chicago, First Chicago Center
 October 13th:  Dallas, Grand Kempinski Hotel
 October 18th:  Los Angeles, Airport Hilton & Towers
 October 19th:  San Francisco Bay Area, Marriott Burlingame
 October 21st:  Vancouver, Four Seasons Hotel

Gordon Mohr                Talk Small and carry a big class library

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