Education Centre typo; STB question 
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 Education Centre typo; STB question



refers to #deferredAction:, but, the correct spelling is #deferAction:.

I ran across it trying to find a way to "bang on the box" to bring old
serialized objects up to new format.  Of course, I use normal STB
conversions, but, some of those conversions do not have ready access to
required data.  In particular, the new layouts include backpointers that
were not present in earlier versions of the objects, and the conversions
simply add a nil placeholder to be replaced later.  So far, I've been
keeping up with it manually; it would be nice to have an idiot proof
solution :)

After some browsing, I discovered that #stbFixup:at: (which I always thought
of as being specific to STB proxies) is defined in Object and answers self.
Would that be a good place to set the backpointers?  Is there a better place
to do it?

Have a good one,


Wilhelm K. Schwab, Ph.D.

Mon, 03 Jan 2005 03:28:45 GMT  
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