Tiny goodie for ST80 R4 
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 Tiny goodie for ST80 R4

        NAME            SpawnHierarchy

        FUNCTION        Tiny goodie adds a Spawn Hierarchy item to most browsers.
        ST-VERSIONS     R4
        PREREQUISITES   none
        DISTRIBUTION    world
        VERSION ID      1
        VERSION DATE    May 27, 1992

The menu options senders, implementors, and messages are very nice, but once I've found
the particular Class-Method I'm interested in I usually want to see the entire class.
This goodie adds the standard Spawn Hierarchy option to those browsers."!

'From Objectworks(r)\Smalltalk, Release 4 of 25 February 1991 on 27 May 1992 at 8:14:21 pm'!

!Browser methodsFor: 'selector list'!

        "Answer a Menu of operations on message selectors to be
        displayed when the operate menu button is pressed."

        "Browser flushMenus"
        selector == nil ifTrue: [^ nil].
        MessageMenu == nil ifTrue:
                [MessageMenu := PopUpMenu
                        labels: 'file out\print out\spawn\spawn hierarchy\senders\implementors\messages\move\remove' withCRs
                        lines: #(4 7)
                        values: #(fileOutMessage printOutMessage spawnMethod spawnHierarchy browseSenders browseImplementors browseMessages moveMethod removeMethod)].
        ^ MessageMenu! !

Browser flushMenus!

Mon, 14 Nov 1994 10:35:21 GMT  
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