US-MN-Minneapolis: Smalltalk OO Development 
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 US-MN-Minneapolis: Smalltalk OO Development

Client:      Telecommunications
Location:  Minneapolis, MN
Status:      Contract (6+ months)

WE GIVE YOU AT LEAST 80% OF THE BILL RATE for all consulting positions!

You can get to this client through other agencies,
but why not go through PRECISION to get the best arrangement!! Call us for

Our client is looking for a Senior level Smalltalk developer to provide
implementation of
systems, processes, and procedures. A Smalltalk developer with a minimum of
3 years of
experience in developing in Smalltalk. The person should have experience
with Envy.
A strong working knowledge of SQL is also necessary.
Preference will be given to the candidates with commercial/business

For consulting positions you will receive Atleast 80%
of the bill rate, ask us for details!

Please email (RTF format preferred) or fax your resume:


973-377-7500                               FAX:  973-467-9220


Resumes are treated with complete confidence and not sent to
clients without your approval.

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