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 Regular Expression Matcher v1.1

After three years of neglect, version 1.1 of the regular expression
matcher (1.0 was supplied with VW 3.0 as an unsupported goodie) is
available.  New is support for VisualAge and a number of features
listed below.

Before it makes it to UIUC, it is available from:

  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~vassili/Regex

in the following formats:

  * ENVY .dat file - for VisualAge and VW+ENVY
  * .pcl and .pst - for VisualWorks 3.x
  * .st - for pre-VW 3.0 VisualWorks


1. Backslash escapes similar to those in Perl are allowed in patterns:

        \w      any word constituent character (equivalent to [a-zA-Z0-9_])
        \W      any character but a word constituent (equivalent to [^a-xA-Z0-9_]
        \d      a digit (same as [0-9])
        \D      anything but a digit
        \s      a whitespace character
        \S      anything but a whitespace character
        \b      an empty string at a word boundary
        \B      an empty string not at a word boundary
        \<   an empty string at the beginning of a word
        \>   an empty string at the end of a word

For example, '\w+' is now a valid expression matching any word.

2. The following backslash escapes are also allowed in character sets
(between square brackets):

        \w, \W, \d, \D, \s, and \S.

3. The following grep(1)-compatible named character classes are
recognized in character sets as well:


For example, the following patterns are equivalent:

        '[[:alnum:]]+' '\w+'  '[\w]+' '[a-zA-Z0-9_]+'

4. Some non-printable characters can be represented in regular
expressions using a common backslash notation:

        \t      tab (Character tab)
        \n      newline (Character lf)
        \r      carriage return (Character cr)
        \f      form feed (Character newPage)
        \e      escape (Character esc)

5. A dot is corectly interpreted as 'any character but a newline'
instead of 'anything but whitespace'.

6. Case-insensitive matching.  The easiest access to it are new
messages CharacterArray understands: #asRegexIgnoringCase,
#matchesRegexIgnoringCase:, #prefixMatchesRegexIgnoringCase:.

7. The matcher (an instance of RxMatcher, the result of
String>>asRegex) now provides a collection-like interface to matches
in a particular string or on a particular stream, as well as
substitution protocol. The interface includes the following messages:

        matchesIn: aString
        matchesIn: aString collect: aBlock
        matchesIn: aString do: aBlock

        matchesOnStream: aStream
        matchesOnStream: aStream collect: aBlock
        matchesOnStream: aStream do: aBlock

        copy: aString translatingMatchesUsing: aBlock
        copy: aString replacingMatchesWith: replacementString

        copyStream: aStream to: writeStream translatingMatchesUsing: aBlock
        copyStream: aStream to: writeStream replacingMatchesWith: aString


        '\w+' asRegex matchesIn: 'now is the time'

returns an OrderedCollection containing four strings: 'now', 'is',
'the', and 'time'.

        '\<t\w+' asRegexIgnoringCase
                copy: 'now is the Time'
                translatingMatchesUsing: [:match | match asUppercase]

returns 'now is THE TIME' (the regular expression matches words
beginning with either an uppercase or a lowercase T).


Since the first release of the matcher, thanks to the input from
several fellow Smalltalkers, I became convinced a native Smalltalk
regular expression matcher was worth the effort to keep it alive. For
the advice and encouragement that made this release possible, I want
to thank:

        Felix Hack
        Eliot Miranda
        Robb Shecter
        David N. Smith
        Francis Wolinski

and anyone whom I haven't yet met or heard from, but who agrees this
was not a complete waste of time.



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  an ad-hoc, informally-specified bug-ridden slow implementation
  of half of Common Lisp."  --Greenspun's Tenth Rule of Programming

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