Using Nested Parts in Digitalk PARTS 
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 Using Nested Parts in Digitalk PARTS


is it possible to set the part application of a Nested Part at run-time?
That is, use a Nested Part that doesn't have a file descriptor specified
through the Properties dialog, and then use

myNestedPart applicaton: MyApplication new.

Doing so, however, generates a walkback when UndefinedObject cannot
understand the message parent:.  Unfortunately, the source code is
not visible (it happens in method loadApplication of class
PARTSApplicationHolder.  My guess is that it is trying to set the
visual part in the nested part as the child of the containing window).

On the other hand, if using a nested part that does have a file
descriptor pointing to a .PAR file that defines a Parts application,
the interface between the containing window and the visual part that
the nested part "containts" is not that seamless:  if the visual part
is a list box, setting the list of the list box at run time, as in

myNestedPart application myListBox setList: anArrayOfStrings.

the added items are not visible, as if the "parent" window is not informed
that the list box's contents have changed, thus not refreshing the screen.

As anyone had these problems and found workarounds ?

- Alexis

Sat, 11 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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